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We use our expertise to provide you with results and peace of mind. Our expert training combined with personal experience will help your agency meet compliance, accreditation, and strategic goals. 


We have an immense amount of knowledge and experience with higher education policy and procedures, as well as accreditation for public safety and law enforcement agencies.  


With a detail-oriented mindset, we excel at prioritizing the needs of our clients by assisting them with meeting their deadlines. Our expertise extends to policy and procedure development, accreditation standards, compliance initiatives, strategic planning, security assessments, investigations, and more.


We have worked with clients throughout North America. Our enjoyment comes from helping our clients achieve their goals.

We strive to assist our clients in developing sound policies, procedures, and strategic plans to help improve the overall quality and image of the agency.  By providing our clients with top notch services to meet their accreditation and compliance needs, we offer a sense and sensibility approach.


Remember: For every problem that exists there is always a solution. 

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Higher Education Accreditation Services

  • Accreditation Manager Training

  • Compliance File Setup (Electronic and hardcopy)​

  • Mock Assessments

  • Policy & Procedure Development

  • ​​Strategic Planning

  • Security Assessments

  • Higher Education Compliance Services

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