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The International Accreditation Services & Compliance Solutions LLC (IASCS) has an immense amount of knowledge and experience with higher education policy and procedures, as well as accreditation for public safety and law enforcement agencies.  


With a detail-oriented mindset, we excel at prioritizing the needs of our clients by assisting them with meeting their deadlines.


Our expertise extends to policy and procedure development, accreditation standards, compliance initiatives, strategic planning, security assessments, investigations, and more.


We have worked with clients throughout North America. Our enjoyment comes from helping our clients achieve their goals.


Thank you for choosing us to assist you and your agency with your accreditation and compliance needs. We have been providing our services throughout North America for over ten years. We have over 15 years of law enforcement and public safety experience in a higher education setting, along with strategic planning, police and procedure development, and training. We pride ourselves on being in a position to customize our services to meet the needs of our clients. We put our clients in a position to succeed in achieving their goals. Let us do the hard work for you so that you can get back to meeting the needs of your campus community. We appreciate your business. 

Best Regards,

Tamara F. McCollough, M.S., Ed.D. (c)


How can we help?

Are you facing pressure from your leadership to become accredited or need to bring your agency in compliance with federal or state regulations? If so, give us a call to help alleviate that additional stress and safe you time. We offer reasonable rates to accommodate client agencies of all sizes.

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